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How Tegola Works

Building the virtual society of construction industry in Sri Lanka, Tegola.lk brings all the stakeholders related to the construction industry into a single platform. It is built to bring the physical interactions of the industry into the virtual space.

This page explains how that is done, and how can you use it for your benefit.

From here on, the word "Service Provider(s)” refers to a user profile that belongs one of the five categories (Professionals, Companies, Individuals, Fresh Graduates, Undergraduates) and the word “Client" refers to a person who seeks a service provider.

I'm a Client / I'm a Service Provider

For Clients

60+ main categories 450+ sub categories and growing

Tegola Categories

This is the place you can find the service providers related to construction and home industry. You can compare their profiles and portfolio to find their services and make your pick.

Profile / Project based filtering

This feature enables you to compare between not only profiles but also projects. Using the filter section and you can easily identify Service Providers who are within your budget and who matches to your concept styles.

Tegola Filtering

3 Steps, and you can find a Service Provider

First, select your main service. Then go through the list of Service Providers, after adjusting the filters to your preference. Finally, check out their profiles for more info and contact them.

Tegola StepsTegola Steps

Save now to compare later

Tegola Comparing

Save your favourite profiles, projects for later reference. You can use this as an idea pad. If you are in the process of designing your home, you can save interesting projects from architects to compare them and make a better judgement.

We do not chose for you, you are in control

With the service provider categorisation, you have the full control on whom to choose. Let it be a professional, company or an individual, the choice is yours.

Tegola Autonomy

Search by the exact service

Tegola Searching

All the main services are divided into their unique sub-services. So with Tegola, you can select the exact service you seek and find the service providers who offer that service.

For Service Providers

Create profiles and publish projects / services

The Service Providers in the industry are eligible to create profiles in Tegola. Doing that, you can publish your projects and the services you provide. It opens the door for thousands of clients to locate your store and contact you.

Tegola Create Profiles

Hire an Apprentice

Tegola Hire Apprentice

Industry professionals and companies from selected categories can now hire a design apprentice to outsource their modelling work. This enables professionals some relaxation while ensuring the industry exposure of design undergraduates and fresh graduates.

Exposure to a large audience

All of our profile creators are exposed to a huge audience who are interested in home industry related services. We ensure to bring a continuous traffic to the platform using unique strategies.

Tegola Exposure